Saturday, June 27, 2009

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5009 Parkglen Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90043

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MAIN ENTRY - A charming entrance with long front porch revealing a city view.

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FRONT OF HOUSE - Tasteful landscaping in both front and back yards.

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LIVING ROOM (570 sq.ft.) - The large living room we discovered had oak floors when preparing to install carpets (Huh?!). It also features a wet bar and a great view of the city! (see pics below).

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LIVING ROOM (570 sq.ft.) - The mirror you see in the living room actually slides into the wall revealing a wet bar. Original crown molding.

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LIVING ROOM (570 sq.ft.) - We've been blessed to have a beautiful view of the city. Either from the window or the front porch, you will have the perfect seat for 4th of July fireworks shows.

LIVING ROOM (570 sq.ft.) - I had a chance to video some of the fireworks last night. Not bad action with a glass of wine.

DINING AREA - Our dining area. - After inserting the leaves to this table, our family has had almost 40 years of holiday and family celebrations.

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KITCHEN (112 sq.ft.) - All appliances come with the house should you want them.

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KITCHEN (112 sq.ft.) - When enlarging this picture, you can see a bit of the breakfast nook that is perfect for morning coffee with a sunny view of the green foliage from the backyard.

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HALLWAY - With plenty of storage space, and the door to the wet bar.

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BONUS ROOM/BEDROOM #1 (120 sq.ft.) - This room is versatile in that it can be used as a 4th bedroom, a small den, or even as an extension of the kitchen with some modification.

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MASTER BEDROOM #2 (234 sq.ft.)- Wake up to a pleasant view of the roses and an orange tree from the backyard.

MASTER BATHROOM - Private access from master bedroom.

MASTER BATHROOM - Featuring a double vanity sink and built in dressing table.

BEDROOM #3 (143 sq.ft.) - Again, your choice of using this room as a bedroom or an office with its proximity to the front door.

GUEST BATHROOM - Convenient to the adjacent bedroom (#3), as well as a guest bathroom.

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DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM #4 (213 sq.ft.) - This bedroom would make a great office with its private entrance and half bath. Or, with some modifications it can even be converted to a private rental unit complete with full bath and kitchenette.

ENCLOSED PATIO (230 sq.ft.) - A cozy patio perfect for enjoying a cool breeze on those summer evenings.

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BACKYARD - Eating organic? Orange, tangerine, and lemon trees.

BACKYARD - A built in brick fireplace for all you die hard barbecue masters out there.

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RUBEN INGOLD PARK - Need some exercise? It's just a five minute walk or a 30 second drive. (But, you really should walk there right??)

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RUBEN INGOLD PARK - Start or end your day with a little cardio taking in the fantastic mountain views of Kenneth Hahn Park.